Koreatown – CD




Copyright 2006

Grant Langston is back with an all-new 14 song recording – Koreatown.

One of LA’s brightest Americana lights, Alabama born and raised Langston uses a witty mix of danceable old-school honky tonk and mournful traditional ballads. While the focus of the new record is squarely on country staples like drinking and lost love…what makes Koreatown unique is Langston’s songwriting voice – cynical, sad, self-deprecating and often very funny.

Koreatown looks forward with boot stomping rock-country riffs like “Divorce Number One” and backwards with a supercharged cover of Merle Haggard’s, “Working Man Blues.” The ballad “Prove Them Wrong” features Langston and his band at their softest and most tender.

Tracks like “Drunken Prince Charming” and “Three Dollar Whore” serve up the smart-ass storyteller that has become his stock and trade.

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