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Langston's new album ALABAMA aims to please and it does so with a sway of choruses that are easy to catch. Delivered these with a grittiness and determination.” - Declan Culliton

Lonesome Highway

This is too good. It may not even be of this Country music era. Each tune rolls out as hit fodder. Infectious melodies, snaky country rhythms, upbeat driving melodies & Langston’s voice are perfectly suited to these songs. Grant does it without being corny, silly, or dipped too deep into country cliches. He mines legends like Buck Owens & Sonny James (that comes through on Langston’s “Layaway” which reminded me of Sonny’s “True Love’s a Blessing”). He has the circuitry for this fluid music.” - John Apice

Americana Highways

There’s an axis on the songwriting philosophy spectrum that ranges from serious and important to fun and lighthearted. Country musician Grant Langston has spanned that entire range. ” - Shawn Underwood


All rough edges and odd ball lyrics…irreverent, loud, and outside the box.” - Jim Hynes

Making a Scene full bloom with huge melodic charm. ”

Real Gone Singles Bar

We have one national Country Radio station in the UK, and if I was involved in programming, the lead track "Country Or Bust" would be played on the hour every hour; ”

The Rocking Magpie

Langston's "This Old Truck" is the kind of song that makes you want to drink a cool tap beer from a jar with and sing along...”

WoNo Magazine - Netherlands

Southern Rock with steel guitars, keyboards, trumpet, and trombone. The energy of cowpunk with a a hint of western swing. "This Heavy Load" seems to be touched by Nick Lowe!” - John Gjaltema

Alt Country Netherlands

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